The concept


 Hicon is a groundbreaking, wearable communicator that helps you effortlessly to share your social media profiles and organize all your smartphone notifications and social updates.

Tether this stylish smart wristband wirelessly to any smartphone via its intuitive companion app and go!  All your social networks  like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, WeChat Viber, WhatsApp and Google Plus are represented by customized icons that you can choose to wear right on your wrist. When a selected notification or alert arrives on your smartphone, hicon gently vibrates and lights up in real-time and the OLED display will show in a discrete way the incoming calls, texts, emails and social networks updates. When you wants to turn off a notification, a simple wrist shake will do. hicon also makes meeting new people a breeze. When users with matching preset interests come in contact, if you have choosen this configuration from the available settings of the companion app, the band will blink to help you make a connection. hicon brilliantly brings on-line social networking to the physical space. When it’s time to transfer information between devices, do it with a simple handshake … it’s that easy!  hicon even locates your misplaced phone. It’s 100% waterproof, sand and shock proof, so you can wear it ANYWHERE

is you, your passions, your world!


What is and how it works

hicon wristband is a hi-tech, silicone material shatterproof, shockproof and waterproof, available in many colors and textures, with interchangeable
 social network and smartphone notification icons, it is connected via Bluetooth 4.0 L.E. to your
 smartphone through its companion application and it is equipped with an OLED display 128×32 fully integrated into the wristband.  hicon connects to your SmartPhone and updates you on only the notifications you care, from social 
networks or from smartphone applications (e.g. mail messages, phone calls, battery
life) right at your wrist so that the corresponding icon lights up and vibrates with discretion.

Thanks to the feature “exchange contacts”, you can exchange your business contacts and references of the social networks with other hicon users through the bracelets with predefined gesture, so you can easily find yourselves in the “virtual” world, share common 
interests and passions on the various social network sites that you love the most.


Always up to date

Always up to date

Notification calls, SMS, instant messaging and social pages: the  icons light up  and you can  read instantly all the info and details directly on the OLED  display

Express your style

Express your style

Textures, colors and wearable interchangeable icons to make your  hicon smart bracelet unique and capable of expressing the most of your social profile.

With you wherever you go

With you wherever you go

The wide range of colours, the stylish design, the OLED display  and hypoallergenic materials make hicon the ideal accessory in every context.

Hitech resistant

Hitech resistant

hicon smart wristband, is made of strong shatter-proof silicone material, it is waterproof and shockproof.

Always connected

Always connected

Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 to be always connected with your smart phone and never miss any notification you want.

Make new acquaintances

Make new acquaintances

Meet new people in the real world and share business and social network contacts with a simple handshake.

Hicon App

Hicon is also an App dedicated and free for Android and iOS devices. It allows ultra fine-grained control of notifications to be displayed on the hicon message screen. Together with the bracelet allows you to make new acquaintances and to “socialize“ thanks to the feature “exchange contacts”, you can exchange business and social contacts and references of the your social networks, so you can easily find yourselves in the “virtual” world, share common interests and passions on the various social network platforms.

With hicon App you can record your favorite social networks and then associate them with the interchangeable icons:
Just a few simple steps to enter the world of hicon and you are free to receive only the notifications you care via Bluetooth LE 4.0 from your smartphone to your hicon smart

What’s included

  • The “Hicon” social bangle that fits to your wrist thanks to the adjustable wristband
  • Two icons sets of the most popular social networks and of the most used smarphone alerts. Choose the most convenient icons for your own personalisation of your Hicon notifications
  • USB charging cable – The  adaptor cable  for recharging your Hicon smart wristband from any USB charger



Maximum customization : do not limit your imagination

Customize your smart wristband whenever  you  want with the interchangeable icons : create your own unique accessory and show  your  favorites social networks.


Light or Dark


Placid blue


Violet Tulip




Celosia Orange




These are just some of the features, and many more will come

  • Choice and configuration of smartphone notifications you want to activate on the hicon wristband: call, time, email, sms, low phone battery life, calendar.

  • Read any notification is important for you instantly thanks to the OLED display fully integrated into the wristband.

  • Hicon lights itself  and vibrates if we move to more than 30 meters from our smartphone

  • Hicon smart wristband allows you not to  miss a call, a message or a notification to your social network: it does not matter if your smartphone is not immediately at hand, the cuff you up to date on everything that happens up to a distance of 100 meters.

  • Choice and next custom configuration with icons of social networks and favorite app via activation of related notifications: follow, likes, messages, friend requests, comments.

  • Search and display geo-referenced “radar” of the profiles of other users with the same affinity as ours (level of affinity, which generates a notification on the bracelet customizable by each user) and installed with the same icons of our social networks.

  • Exchange of our social contacts and business cards with profiles that have generated a match affinity with us (via app if we are physically far)

  • Gesture recognition :Exchange and storing business contacts and social networks through personalized gesture (clap, handshake, give me five); each user can choose which social and business contacts to make them public and then share via configuration App


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