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hicon fits to your wrist thanks to the open and flexible wristband for wrist circumference from 160 mm to 210 mm.
With a fully charged battery the hicon bangle will work for 14 days based on an average of 47 notifications per day.
You can recharge the battery of the hicon bangle simply connecting the waterproof USB integrated in the bracelet to a laptop or any generic charging adapter with USB port. The charging time for a fully charged battery is only 40 minutes via a laptop!
The hicon bangle and its App work with any mobile phone that uses Android4.3 and up, and iOS 6 and up such as iPhone 4s and successives.
The thickness of the band is 5mm mm and the thickness of the part that houses the electronics is only 12 mm. The band width is 14 mm all along its circumference.
Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone, look for hicon wristband BLE device and once you see it, pair the device and launch the App. And let’s go!
In theory the range is 100 meters but in practice it’s usually around 50 meters depending on geographic, atmospheric, and urban conditions.
We focus on Android and iPhone now because we have only a limited budget. We hope to add it in the future though! You can follow us on Facebook and website for the latest updates!
Not all the social Networks officially support the necessary Bluetooth profiles for compatibility with the hicon but We will try some workarounds after the core development has been finalized and will update all backers by then about the complete list of the social networks that we will connect to the hicon bangle.
Yes, the hicon bangle is waterproof.
hicon is available in (D)dark tone on tone or (L)light plus the following fashion colours: (P)Placid Blu, (V)Violet Tulip, (F)Freesia and (C)Celosia orange. Only for indiegogo supporters we have created a limited edition color (Hemlock).
We offer one year replacement for any damages to internal parts or batteries, and all you need to pay for is shipping.


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